MapuSoft has had many customers successfully complete their porting effort with our products. Click on the testimonials below to learn more about individual projects and successes.

Ferrari S.p.A., Modena, Italy: “The OS Changer and Linux OK products worked as expected (and advertised) and we will certainly consider them for future projects.”   Read More>>>

Centurion University: “Our students gained a detailed knowledge of embedded real-time systems and it has given them an edge over other students…”   Read More>>>

Georgia Technology: “It software re-use tools protects our software investment.”   Read More>>>

University of Waterloo: “We were happy to partner with MapuSoft in our Green-Intelligent Transportation Systems project..”   Read More>>>

VIT University, Chennai: “We would strongly recommend any Technical Education Institute to go for MapuSoft’s OS Simulator as it is ideal for educational institutions allowing students to gain experience working on various popular Operating Systems …”   Read More>>>

NIT, Calicut: “MapuSoft’s OS Simulator provides us an excellent platform for teaching Embedded Operating Systems and MapuSoft provided an experienced professional to conduct the on-site training of our staff….”   Read More>>>

Boeing – Future Combat Systems: “…OS Abstractor provides many OS back ends which will be a great benefit to SoSCOE, which runs in a variety of environments”   Read More>>>

Taseon: “We are happy with the OS Abstractor software and I would strongly recommend Mapusoft to anyone looking to make their platform OS agnostic.” Read More >>>

Analogic: “OS Changer works great. I really didn’t have to ‘convert’ any code…” Read More >>>

ARC International: “…the overall OS Changer design is very modular and provided a number of benefits…” Read More >>>

Resmed: “The product saved us about 3-4 man months worth of development time” Read More >>>

ST Microelectronics: “The software had a high level of quality and stability…The technical support team was outstanding.” Read More >>>

Tecnobit: “…It eliminates the need for extensive manual updates, as OS Changer resolves the more complex porting issues.” Read More >>>

MQX: “…the overall OS Changer design is very modular and provided a number of benefits…” Read More >>>