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MapuSoft Summary

AppCOE Training Materials & User Guides

AppCOE Training Video

AppCOE installation in Windows machine

OS Simulator Demo Video- (MAP Program)

AppCOE Training Guide

AppCOE Quick Start Guide

AppCOE User Manual

AppCOE Installation Guide

System Configuration Guide

Release Notes

Release Notes 1.6.1

Release Notes Summery

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AppCOE Datasheet

OS Changer Porting Kit
OS Changer Porting Kit Overview Datasheet

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Cross-OS Development Platform
Cross-OS Development Platform Overview Datasheet

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Ada-C/C++ Changer
Ada-C/C++ Changer Datasheet

OS Abstractor
OS Abstractor Datasheet

Cross-OS Hypervisor
Cross-OS Hypervisor Datasheet

Linux OK
Linux OK Datasheet

OS Simulator
OS Simulator (using OS Abstractor APIs) Datasheet

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OS Changer: Protect your Software Investment

OS Abstractor: Protect your Software Investment

Ada-C/C++ Changer: Combining Your Ada & C/C++ Projects

Cross-OS Hypervisor: A Next Generation Hypervisor for the Embedded Market


“OS consolidation: The Next Step in Hypervisors by Raj Johnson and Marianne Loes

Next-generation Programming Tools Come of Age by Kumaravel Pandurangan

“The Importance of Integrating Software Reuse into Corporate Culture” by Marianne Loes

“Trends in Porting and Abstracting Applications in Military Systems” by Marianne Loes

MapuSoft Embedded Programming Information Series articles:



Challenges in Porting Embedded Applications

Developing OS Agnostic Embedded Applications

Testing Embedded Applications using OS Virtualization

How to Convert Ada Code to C/C++

MapuSoft Summary Presentation

OS PAL (OS Porting and Abstraction Lab) Demo


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