Re-host Legacy Ada Applications

Many of the large, safety critical applications were developed using Ada83 or Ada95 beginning in the 1970s. Many of these Ada applications are still running today. Much of the hardware and the operating systems used in these systems have become obsolete. Most of these applications are time tested applications and the owners wish to continue to use the applications. Project Managers are looking for ways to re-host these Ada applications to a new os/platform.

To help re-host legacy Ada applications, MapuSoft offers several tools and services based on our core competencies and over many years of demonstrated expertise. MapuSoft’s Ada-C/C++ Changer™ converts software written in Ada code to C/C++ thus enabling your application to support many operating systems and new target hardware. When you Re-host a legacy Ada application with Ada-C/C++ Changer, it internally invokes C/C++ compilers that are available for your new hardware/os. It produces efficient and readable C code that exactly matches the semantics of the original Ada program. This enables legacy applications to be extended and maintained within their original software development framework, while converted code is re-hosted on the new platform . With MapuSoft’s unique Cross-OS Development Platform™ users will be able to run the converted code on the following real-time operating systems without any difficulty.

List of supported target OS’s:

Android®, LynxOS®, LynxOS-SE®, LynxOS-178®, micro-ITRON®, MQX®, NetBSD®, Nucleus®, QNX® Neutrino® RTOS, RT Linux®, Solaris®, ThreadX®, T-Kernel®, UNIX®, VxWorks® 6x/5x, Windows® XP/Vista/7/CE, microC/OS-III®

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