Migrate micro-ITRON Application to a new OS

OS Changer micro-ITRON Porting Kit makes porting from and micro-ITRON application to a new OS less time consuming and easy. OS Changer Porting Kit makes the legacy micro-ITRON applications productive to the enterprise, lets your legacy applications run on new platforms while providing additional features to the OS platforms by the way of OS Abstractor API’s (a component of Cross-OS Development Platform).

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OS Changer Porting Kit also provides the following advantages:

  • Porting and development on Windows/Linux Host
  • Enables Host based simulation, testing embedded and/or time critical applications
  • Application is connected effectively at the source code level
  • Offers permanent portability solutions that actually get your micro-ITORN code to move to a new OS and its variants
  • Flexible, easy to maintain and better migration to a unified OS architecture allowing for easy future migration.
  • Reduced time, provides 80-90% portability requiring little code re-write on Hardware and Device Driver specific code
  • Supports multi Process, 32/64 Bit architecture, UMP/SMP muti-processor
  • Advanced thread pooling, Tiered memory pools and Tiered Shared Memory Pools features

  • OS Changer® takes advantage of OS Abstractor® Interface which provides OS Agnostic API’s and optimization benefits:

      • Statically create and reuse control objects from pool
      • Statically create and reuse threads from pool
      • Enhance performance without breaking OS API compliance
      • Configure target environment and resource requirements for various OS version and variants
      • Use OS Abstractor’s tiered memory pools to eliminate memory fragmentation
      • Use OS Abstractor’s ability to recover from software fatal errors through a soft reset
      • Use same Interface APIs within and across individual application processes
      • API Optimization and Profiling
      • Application optimization via custom Interface code generation

      The other two options available for migrating micro-ITRON to new OS are:

      1. Re-host your application by writing an in-house wrapper layer around the existing legacy platform. This option may initially appear as a less time consuming and cost effective solution but you will likely lose some performance and end up with a difficult to implement solution with high maintenance costs.
      2. Retire and Replace: When you have a legacy application working for many years, it is not a wise decision to throw away the software investment and start writing a new program from scratch.

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