Port Legacy Embedded Systems to the Next Generation Platform

There are over a trillion lines of “legacy” code running on modern military, aeronautical, medical, telecom and many other commercial applications. These applications have reached a point where they can no longer meet the demands of present day platforms. Sometimes business decisions like high royalties, dependence on a single vendor, or limitations of OS/Hardware causes users to port or migrate the legacy code to a different modern OS/Platform.

Port legacy embedded application with OS Changer® Porting Kit makes the legacy applications from ThreadX®, micro-ITRON®, Windows® XP/CE, VxWorks®, POSIX, Nucleus®, and pSOS® productive to the enterprise. Your legacy applications can run on new platforms while providing additional features to the OS platforms by way of OS Abstractor® API’s (a component of Cross-OS Development Platform™). Mapusoft’s OS Changer Porting Kit provides the following distinct advantages:

  • reduced risk and reduced cost to port an application
  • reduced time, provides 80-90% portability
  • requires only 10-20% manual re-write of Hardware and Device Driver code
  • gives you 90% Business rule requirements
  • flexible and easy to maintain (on new OS/Hardware)

The other options available for porting legacy embedded systems are:

  1. Re-host:  port an embedded application by writing an in-house wrapper layer around the existing legacy platform. This option may initially appear less time consuming but you will likely lose some performance and end up with a difficult to implement solution with high maintenance costs.
  2.  Retire and Replace: when you have a legacy application working for many years, it is not a wise decision to throw away the software investment and start writing a new program from scratch.

List of supported target OS’s:

Android®, LynxOS®, LynxOS-SE®, LynxOS-178®, micro-ITRON®, MQX®, NetBSD®, Nucleus®, QNX® Neutrino® RTOS, RT Linux®, Solaris®, ThreadX®, T-Kernel®, UNIX®, VxWorks® 6x/5x, Windows® XP/Vista/7/CE, microC/OS-III®

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