MapuSoft Technologies is aligned with many companies in the embedded industry to provide you with highly optimized solutions for each specific platform.

OS Vendors

MapuSoft works closely with OS vendors to provide solutions optimized for each target OS platform. A list of our OS partners can be found below.

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eCosCentric specializes in products and services for the eCos real-time operating system. Products include IDE, tools, middleware, eCosPro RTOS and RedBoot bootloader. The products are backup by a comprehensive set of services covering consultancy, custom engineering, porting, training and support.


eSOL is a leading provider of advanced development tools and software components for embedded products development ranging from development tools to RTOS suites for popular high-end 32 bit embedded processors. Founded in 1975, eSOL today employs a workforce of more than 250 professionals, and offers the best solutions by providing reliable products and consultation services.

Express Logic

ThreadX – Express Logic’s premier product – is the highest-performance and best-quality RTOS on the market today. ThreadX also boasts many technical advancements, including its pickoernal architecture, preemption-threshold and ultra fast software timers. Like all our products, ThreadX is offered with full source-code and without any run-time royalties.

Green Hills Software

Green Hills Software, Inc., is a world-renowned, market-leading provider of high performance compilers, software development tools and real-time operating systems (RTOS) for developers of embedded systems. Green Hills is 20 years old, privately held, profitable since its inception, and is growing at an average rate of 30% per year. Based on 2001 revenues, Green Hills Software has grown to become the world’s #2 RTOS company. Based in Santa Barbara, California.


LynuxWorks™, Inc. is a leader in the embedded-systems industry with more than 18 years experience. Our embedded operating systems include real-time operating systems for safety-critical and DO-178-certifiable applications, as well as embedded Linux. LynuxWorks operating systems are based on open standards, and are used over and over in important products built for markets such as communications, aerospace/defense, medical, and automotive.

Mentor Graphics

The Mentor Graphics Embedded Systems Division is located in Mobile, Alabama with sales offices and distributors worldwide. As a leading provider of royalty-free, embedded real-time operating system (RTOS) software, Mentor Graphics helps developers accelerate product time-to-market in a wide range of embedded device applications. Its comprehensive Nucleus RTOS includes kernels, networking, USB, graphics and file system software. The Eclipse-based EDGE Tools include an IDE, compiler, debugger, system profiler and JTAG connection.


Micriµm is consistently recognized as a leader in embedded software components. The company’s flagship µC/OS family is recognized for a variety of features and benefits including unparalleled reliability, performance, dependability, impeccable source code, and vast documentation. In addition, several Micriµm components contain certifications that meet the rigorous safety-critical standards demanded by several industries.


Microsoft® Windows® CE 5.0 is an open, scalable, 32-bit operating system (OS) that integrates reliable, real time capabilities with advanced Windows technologies. Windows CE allows you to build a wide range of innovative, small footprint devices. With a complete OS feature set and comprehensive development tools, Windows CE contains the functionality you need to build, debug, and deploy custom Windows CE-based devices.


MontaVista Software is a leading global supplier of systems software for intelligent connected devices and associated infrastructure. MontaVista offers a family of products under the MontaVista® Linux® umbrella that address broad-based software developer needs encompassing applications ranging from communications infrastructure to consumer electronics. Multiple Editions of MontaVista Linux are available including Professional, Consumer Electronics and Carrier Grade, along with complementary technology products providing powerful Java and graphics development capabilities.


Accelerate your design success with complimentary MQX RTOS, TCP/IP and USB stacks provided in source code. Over the past 25 years, MQX Embedded products and technology have helped power thousands of smarter embedded devices successfully into markets including aerospace, consumer electronics, industrial, medical, networking, semiconductor, and transportation industries. The combination of our market-proven Freescale MQX Software Solutions and silicon portfolio provides a streamlined and powerful platform by creating a comprehensive source for hardware, software, tools and services needs. MQX RTOS has been ported to a number of platforms, including KinetisARM® Cortex™-M4, i.MX, ColdFire and Power Architecture®. Download here Freescale MQX Software Solutions:


QNX Software Systems offers realtime OS technology, development tools and professional services for mission-critical embedded systems. With over 25 years’ experience serving device manufacturers, QNX is singularly focused on enabling customer success through innovative technology. Our modular, standards-based software platform helps companies build the world’s most reliable, scalable, and high-performance applications.


TimeSys is leading the drive for the widespread adoption of Linux for embedded systems development by delivering the tools and performance capabilities that embedded engineers need to reliably and cost effectively use Linux in embedded development projects. TimeSys products include: 2.6 kernel-based Linux Development Kits; turnkey, ready-to-run 2.4-based Linux RTOS Software Development Kits; and the TimeStorm ® suite of Eclipse-powered development and testing tools for use with any Linux distribution. TimeSys products enable embedded engineers to streamline the development, customization, and validation of homegrown or commercial Linux-based embedded systems, shortening development cycles and reducing project costs.

Wind River

Wind River is the global leader in device software optimization (DSO). We enable companies to develop and run device software better, faster, at lower cost, and more reliably. Wind River technology is currently deployed in more than 300 million devices worldwide by industry leaders like Apple, Hewlett Packard, Boeing, Motorola, NASA, and Mitsubishi. Wind River Professional Services enable leading electronics vendors like Philips, Siemens, Nortel, and Samsung to design, develop, and deploy innovative products on or ahead of schedule, at or below budget. DSO is a holistic, enterprise-wide solution to the challenges generated by increasing complexity in developing and running device software. Key tenets of the DSO solution include standardization of technologies and processes across projects, teams, and sites, and the embrace of open standards to provide companies with the broadest possible choice of tools, technologies, and architectures. Wind River’s DSO solution is built on a choice of operating systems, an ecosystem of validated and integrated partner technologies, and expert services and support available around the world, around the clock.

Tools Vendors

MapuSoft works closely with the industry’s prominent tools vendors to provide well integrated solutions. A list of partners can be found below.

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Altera Corporation is the world’s pioneer of system-on-a-programmable-chip (SOPC) solutions. With annual revenues in CY 2000 of $1.4 billion, Altera combines the programmable logic technology originally invented in 1983 with software tools, intellectual property, and design services to provide high-value programmable solutions to approximately 14,000 customers worldwide. Altera is headquartered in San Jose, California.



Renesas is a semiconductor company with an outstanding portfolio of global market-leading products, and has the technology and capabilities to deliver almost everything that is required in an age focusing on human needs, including security technologies, miniaturization and power-saving technologies, networking and interface technologies. Renesas aims to stay one step ahead and to be the true “intelligent chip solution provider” -the world leader in its field.


Founded by a team of internationally recognized leaders in the development of programming languages and compiler technology, SofCheck, Inc. is a premier Ada tools, and automated software quality (ASQ) solutions company.
SofCheck’s Ada conversion solutions allow organizations who have significant investments in Ada programs and systems to migrate these intellectual assets to new target languages and platforms while retaining 100% of the program functional value. SofCheck’s AdaMagic technology is a set of components for incorporation in compilers and other tools that must process Ada 83 or Ada 95 source code. The two modes of AdaMagic’s conversions are either to use CC++ as a run time target and continue to maintain the programs source code in Ada, or to support a one time conversion which results in fully supportable and maintainable CC++ source code with all the comments and variable names maintained.


SuperH, Inc. is a semiconductor intellectual property (SIP) licensing company and is the leading supplier of multimedia RISC CPU cores to companies building system-on-chip (SoC) products. SuperH, Inc. develops RISC CPU cores, the SuperHyway BusTM on-chip interconnect and software development tools. The SuperH(TM) family today includes the 32-bit SH-4 and 64-bit SH-5 CPU cores and is ideally suited to multimedia applications that require a single CPU core executing a mix of general purpose code and DSP algorithms. SuperH CPU cores are targeted at consumer, automotive, telecom and handheld multimedia appliance markets with specific emphasis on set top box, residential gateway, car information systems, modems, digital camera and multimedia players.


MapuSoft is involved with the following academic institutions and programs:

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University of South Alabama
MapuSoft serves on the advisory board at University of South Alabama, School of Computer & Information Science

University of Waterloo
MapuSoft is an industry partner in the Green Intelligent Transportation Systems (Green ITS), a world class research program conducted by University of Waterloo which focuses on addressing serious environmental and safety concerns through an integrative approach that encompasses the entire automotive transportation paradigm.

Georgia Tech Research Institute
MapuSoft also supports the Georgia Tech Research Institute, Applied Systems Lab at Huntsville (ASLH):