OS Simulators for host based development and System Integration testing

An Embedded systems is a combination of hardware, software and environment. Development in embedded systems is more challenging than ever before with changes not predictable in all these three variables. Hence the initial development of a embedded development happens in HOST PC due to many of its inherent advantages.

  • High performance processors with caches
  • Large RAM and Disk memory
  • Keyboard, large display and mice
  • Network connection with Internet access
  • Support for third partly tools like Profiler, Debugger, Emulators etc.,
  • Lack of resource availability (Target hardware, actual OS Platform etc.)

OS Simulator from Mapusoft is built on the powerful open source Eclipse-based framework AppCOE (Application Common Operating Environment) integrated with a C/C++ Development Toolkit (CDT). A CDT Project provides a fully functional C and C++ Integrated Development Environment based on the Eclipse platform. Features include: support for project creation and managed build for various toolchains, standard make build, source navigation, various source knowledge tools, such as type hierarchy, call graph, include browser, macro definition browser, code editor with syntax highlighting, folding and hyperlink navigation, source code refactoring and code generation, visual debugging tools, including memory, registers, and disassembly viewers.

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OS Simulator for System Integration & testing :

In embedded systems development, system integration involves assembling of hardware, software system including various subsystems. For systems with complex sub-systems this may involve several phases as these sub-systems are integrated to create the final system. System Integration & testing is one of the most costly and time consuming activities in the systems engineering process. For large and complex systems, up to 40% of the development effort may be used in this activity, mostly in system testing.

It is common practice that software integration take place on a host system and the software to run on a target system. Hence a more powerful host systems is needed so that all the software is compiled and linked on a host system before it is installed on a target system. OS Simulators on your host system provide the ability to simulate, test and run an entire system of C/C++ applications developed for Linux/POSIX, micro-ITRON, pSOS, Windows, VxWorks and Nucleus on a host PC. OS Simulators allow you to test interdependent multiple applications as individual process on a single host PC. These applications can be independently compiled/linked, optionally configured to share resources like events, messages & queues feature using our OS Abstractor APIs.

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