OS Changer
“OS Changer works great. I really didn’t have to ‘convert’ any code…” - Analogic       Read More>>>
“The product saved us about 3-4 man months worth of development time” - Resmed       Read More>>>
“…It eliminates the need for extensive manual updates, as OS Changer resolves the more complex porting issues.” - Tecnobit       Read More>>>
“…the overall OS Changer design is very modular and provided a number of benefits…” - MQX       Read More>>>
“It software re-use tools protects our software investment...” - Georgia Technology       Read More>>>

Rapid Software Reuse on any Operating System with Performance Optimization

OS Changer® is a C/C++ source-level virtualization technology that allows you to easily re-use your software developed for VxWorks®, pSOS®, Linux/POSIX, Windows®, Nucleus®, ThreadX®, μITRON, µC/OS™, FreeRTOS™ and RTLinux on another OS, while providing real-time performance. It eliminates the manual porting effort, saves money and shortens the time to market. The appropriate OS Changer Interface connects to your existing application that was developed on your current OS while the OS Abstractor® Target Specific Module (specific to your target OS) provides the connection to the OS you are moving to.

OS Changer

Why Change Your OS?

  • Switch to an OS that offers support for your next generation hardware
  • Switch to an OS that is more economical and/or requires no royalty payments
  • Switch to an OS that is free and open-source
  • Switch to an OS that provides better development tools
  • Switch to an OS that offers a wide range of driver, protocol and middleware support
  • Switch to an OS that offers you better performance and a smaller memory foot print
  • Switch to an OS that meets your required certification standards

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Available Porting Kits

OS Changer Porting Kits are available for installation on either Windows or Linux host platforms. Based on your application, please select the appropriate porting kit below and refer to the corresponding technical datasheet.

Why Use OS Changer?

  • Protect your existing software investment now and in the future
  • Shorten the learning curve on a new OS by developing with the familiar APIs of your current OS
  • Capture new markets by extending the support of your product to include many different operating systems
  • OS Changer is provided in full source code with no royalty fees
  • OS Changer enhances the robustness and performance of your application with advanced real-time features and supports a wide variety of target and host OS platforms

OS Changer Porting Kit Contents

  • Application Common Operating Environment (AppCOE): An eclipse based IDE for porting of C/C++ applications
  • One OS Changer Interface for the OS you are moving from
  • Specific OS Abstractor Target Specific Module for the target OS you are porting to
  • Library Package Generator
    – Full library source code of the OS Changer Interface and OS Abstractor Target Specific Module for your target platform
    – Sample demo applications
    – Project build files for supported tools & IDEs for your target environment
  • Optimized Target Code Generator
    – Generates the OS Changer Porting Interface and OS Abstractor Target Specific Module source code, specifically optimized for your application and target environment
    – Creates project files for your target IDE
    – Includes the system settings you chose in the GUI-based Wizard
  • OS Simulator for your chosen OS Changer Interface for host development/simulation
  • Profiler to view performance data of your application and OS Changer Interface for your target

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Frequently Asked Questions about OS Changer

Q: What value does OS Changer provide?
A: The OS Changer family of products gives users the freedom to switch operating systems while leveraging on their existing embedded code and knowledge base to protect their software investment and avoid costly porting issues. OS Changer also allows developers to write code using a familiar application programming interface (API) and run the application on a wide variety of supported target OS platforms. More information can be found here: http://www.mapusoft.com/os-changer-porting-kit

Q: Why not do a port myself?
A: It’s not easy to make existing software adapt to a new OS without incurring high cost and time to market. It’s an error prone, tedious and time-consuming task and it requires expensive and skillful resources that take away the focus on building your product.

Q: Why don’t I use my new OS vendor’s porting kit?
A: OS vendor’s solutions are restricted and tied to a specific OS. Comparatively, MapuSoft provides solutions that port to many different operating systems. OS vendor’s solutions are usually unsupported because they are more focused on building and maintaining their operating system; many of them are partners with MapuSoft and would rather rely on us to help you move your code to their OS.

Q: Why don’t I throw out my code and start anew?
A: There are many reasons to leverage your legacy code. Here are a few:

  • Leverage existing software and knowledge base when migrating to next generation platforms
  • Achieve your time to market goals
  • Don’t throw away your software investment

Q: Why would I need to change my OS?
A: There are many reasons you would need to change your operating system. Here are a few:

  • OS becomes unsupported or obsolete
  • New chip architecture has different OS availability
  • Customer demands for different OS
  • Need to adhere to industry standards
  • Change in your technical requirements
  • Change in your commercial business model
  • Need to use a better development environment
  • Need to move to a widely used OS and target platform that offers a wide range of driver, protocol and middleware support

Q: Which operating systems can I port my legacy code from?
A: OS Changer supports porting from VxWorks, pSOS, Nucleus, and Windows to different operating systems. Additional OS component support is also available:

  • VxWorks ANSI File and VxWorks BSD Network API compliance for other target RTOS’s
  • pSOS Classic OS Changer allows developers to re-use their pSOS 4.1 rev. 3/10/1986 code on different operating systems
  • Nucleus NET OS Changer allows developers to re-use their Nucleus NET code on a Linux netstack