Move RTOS Application to Android – Made Easy by Using OS Changer Porting Kit

Migration of legacy RTOS applications to Android and other platforms is made easy by using OS Changer Porting Kit. . OS Changer Porting Kit makes the legacy applications like ThreadX®, micro-ITRON®, Windows ® XP/CE, VxWorks® , POSIX®, Nucleus®, and pSOS® applications productive to the enterprise and lets your legacy applications run on new platforms including Android while providing additional features to the OS platforms by the way of OS Abstractor API’s (a component of Cross-OS Development Platform)

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Migrate RTOS Applications to Android using OS Changer Porting Kit

Mapusoft’s off-the-shelf OS Changer Porting Kit provides the following advantages:

  • less risk in porting/migrating to Android applications
  • reduced time, provides 80-90% portability
  • requires only 10-20% manual re-write on Hardware and Device Driver related migration
  • flexible and easy to maintain on new OS/Hardware

*OS Changer Porting Kit does not support GUI applications porting

OS Abstractor API’s supports a wide variety of OS Platforms including Android and its variants. OS Abstractor Interface provides advanced OS features and functionality and includes interfaces similar to many commercial RTOS in the market. This should make it easier for you to manually change any commercial RTOS or real-time OS calls to OS Abstractor API calls and hence make your applications run on an Android target.

You can also re-use legacy applications by using the run time partitioning with virtualization from MapuSoft’s Cross-OS Hypervisor™. Cross-OS Hypervisor’s code generator builds a custom virtualization interface package that is optimized for specific applications and target environments. These interfaces are compiled with the applications and linked natively for better optimization on your specific target OS platform. The applications can also run on a simulated host platform (using OS Simulator™) for system testing and integration.

List of supported target OS’s:

Android®, LynxOS®, LynxOS-SE®, LynxOS-178®, micro-ITRON®, MQX®, NetBSD®, Nucleus®, QNX® Neutrino® RTOS, RT Linux®, Solaris®, ThreadX®, T-Kernel®, UNIX®, VxWorks® 6x/5x, Windows® XP/Vista/7/CE, microC/OS-III®

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