MapuSoft’s OS Abstraction Layer (OSAL)

The best way to develop OS agnostic C/C++ or Ada applications is to develop with MapuSoft’s OS Abstractor®. OS Abstractor is a commercial-grade OS Abstraction Layer (OSAL) designed without a layered implementation in order to provide better performance at lower cost when compared to an in-house OS Abstraction solution.

Including OS Abstractor in your architecture creates a clear separation between the application code and the underlying OS. Eliminating the coupling between the application and the OS has many advantages: such as reducing the risk with choosing a single operating system for the life of the project, simplified code maintenance, and it creates a simplified path for future software and hardware changes. Every product with an extended life should include OS Abstractor.

OS Abstraction Interface

Here are some reasons why application code is migrated to new operating systems:

  • Current OS does not support your next generation hardware
  • Royalty/licensing fees are expensive for your current OS
  • Strategy to move to an open-source Linux platform
  • Lack of good IDE, compiler and debugger tools for your current OS
  • Lack of drivers, protocol stacks and middleware support for your current OS
  • Lack of required OS certification standards for your current OS
  • Market/Customer demands for your product to run on a new OS


Should you need to move your code to another operating system or upgrade to a new platform, the old target OS can simply be swapped out with the new one. Your application code is completely unaffected by the move as there is no requirement to modify the application.

OS Abstractor APIs: List of OS Abstractor APIs on supported OS platforms
White Paper : OS Abstractor : Protect your Software Investment

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