OEM & Silicon Vendors


MapuSoft provides value to OEM & Silicon vendors by providing software re-use tools that give your customers the ability to use their preferred operating system to make it easier to adapt to your solution.

This industry faces a number of pain points including:

  • Customers may not choose your platform because it doesn’t support their OS and they view the required porting work as too much effort
  • Customers may require you to do custom porting work to win the deal
  • Your customers may not want to change their current OS because of the learning curve associated with introducing a new OS
  • Developing an in-house OS abstraction solution for your customers is expensive and time consuming and takes away focus from your main product development

MapuSoft’s Offerings to OEM & Silicon Vendors

Our solutions have been used successfully by a number of OEM & silicon vendors. A sample list of our customers in this industry can be found on the left side menu.

MapuSoft offers the following tools to address the most common pain points in this industry Cross-OS Development Platform, OS Changer Porting Kit and Cross-OS Hypervisor:

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Cross-OS Development Platform

  • Develop software that will run on multiple operating systems to expand your market share and opportunities
  • Use a standard OS interface to develop proof-of-concept demo software quickly across various OS/peripherals
  • Eliminate manual updates to applications when upgrading to newer versions of operating systems
  • Provide an industry standard interface for your in-house OS to make it more adaptable for your customers
  • Easily connect the platform to your in-house OS Abstraction to support multiple OS interfaces without extra development work
  • Visit the product page for more info

OS Changer Porting Kit

  • Give your customers the ability to easily port their code to an OS supported by your platform
  • Allow your customers to use their current OS interface for development to reduce the learning curve on a new OS
  • Visit the product page for more info

Cross-OS Hypervisor

  • Run applications written for a variety of operating natively consolidated on one OS
  • Achieve better performance by using native OS tools and running natively on the OS without using a hardware emulator or hypervisor
  • Applications can communicate between each other when running as different process/modules thus eliminating the overhead associated with OS switching as with other hypervisor solutions
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