MapuSoft provides value to industrial, robotic and automation software by providing software reuse tools to allow applications to interoperate across platforms.

This industry faces a number of pain points including:

  • Industrial applications have strict requirements for stability due to safety and performance concerns
  • Products in this industry have a long life-cycle and see many change to the underlying platform over time, which can create instability
  • There are many choices for OS platforms and coupling too closely to one in particular can lead to dependency on a single vendor, thereby jeopardizing the project
  • Rewriting applications due to platform changes can introduce bugs and create the need for more testing
  • Many industrial products require two operating systems in the design, one for the front-end user interface and one for the back-end embedded platform
  • There is a need for sharing code between high-end and low-end products
  • Developing and testing on target platforms is expensive


MapuSoft’s Offerings to Industrial/Automation Software

Our tools can be used in a variety of applications in this industry including, controls, transportation, manufacturing, control & process automation (robotics), power & energy and infrastructure.

Our solutions have been used successfully in a number of industrial projects. A sample list of our customers in this industry can be found on the left side menu.

MapuSoft offers the following tools to address the most common pain points in this industry: Cross-OS Development Platform, OS Changer Porting Kit and OS Simulator.

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Cross-OS Development Platform

  • Develop portable code so code changes over the life-cycle due to underlying platform changes can be avoided, resulting in safe and stable applications
  • Add robustness, real-time and safety critical features to your OS
  • Write code using the same interface for both the front-end user interface and for the back-end embedded platform to shorten the learning curve associated with using two operating systems and decrease the overall complexity of the development effort
  • Visit the product page for more info

OS Changer Porting Kit

  • Easily switch to a new OS without spending time and money on manual porting efforts
  • Maximizing the usage of legacy code protects your software investment
  • Reduce your testing and certification effort when changing OS
  • Shorten the learning curve on a new OS by developing with the familiar APIs of the current OS
  • Visit the product page for more info

OS Simulator

  • Begin development in an Eclipse-based environment on a host machine before the target hardware and/or OS is available to meet your deadlines
  • Simulate your application on a host for easy testing, verification and presentation
  • Simulate a complex system on one host machine, thereby saving material costs by eliminating the need for using multiple target platforms
  • Visit the product page for more info