MapuSoft provides value to consulting companies by providing the ability to develop applications for multiple operating systems, without familiarity of the target OS. With our standardized design tools you can adapt your solution to your clients’ chosen OS, thus broadening your range of development capabilities and potential customers. In addition, our products provide off-the-shelf tools to quickly and easily complete porting and abstraction contracts, without having to rewrite your client’s code.

Our solutions have been used successfully in a number of consulting projects. A sample list of our customers in this industry can be found on the left side menu.

With MapuSoft you can:

  • Broaden your range of capabilities with standardized design tools that support your client’s OS
  • Use a Framework that is stable, robust, time tested and used by many customers
  • Focus on your core competency and leave your porting & abstraction challenges to Mapusoft

MapuSoft’s Offerings Consulting Companies

MapuSoft offers the following tools to address the most common pain points in this industry: Cross-OS Development Platform, OS Changer Porting Kit and OS Simulator.

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Cross-OS Development Platform

  • Develop portable applications to expand your market opportunities by allowing your customers to use your solution on multiple operating systems
  • Develop applications without the familiarity of the target platform
  • Shorten the learning curve of a new OS by continuing development with your current OS
  • Adapt your solution to your clients’ chosen operating system
  • Use familiar APIs to develop new applications to eliminate the learning curve on the OS required by your clients
  • Use a standardized development interface to develop proof-of-concept demo software quickly and easily across various RTOS/Peripherals
  • Visit the product page for more info

OS Changer Porting Kit

  • Port embedded applications quickly and easily with a porting tool instead of spending extra time and effort on manual porting work
  • Keep your clients’ code intact to sustain familiarity and protect their software investment
  • Visit the product page for more info

OS Simulator

  • Begin development in an Eclipse-based environment on a host machine before the target hardware and/or OS is available
  • Simulate your application on a host for easy testing, verification and presentation
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