MapuSoft provides value to the automotive industry by providing software re-use tools that are designed to protect software investment by providing a greater level of flexibility and control with product development.

This industry faces a number of pain points including:

  • The cost of developing automotive systems has increased considerably in the past few years as manufactures replace traditional electro-mechanical systems with embedded systems
  • The life-cycle for products in this industry is short compared to other industries because the hardware and software components change often
  • Development and testing on target platforms is expensive and often delayed due to waiting on hardware components
  • Many automotive software applications are tied to royalty-based operating systems and don’t have the ability to easily move to a different OS.

MapuSoft’s Offerings to the Automotive Industry

Our solutions have been used successfully in a number of automotive projects. A sample list of our customers in this industry can be found on the left side menu.

MapuSoft offers the following tools to address the most common pain points in this industry: Cross-OS Development Platform, OS Changer Porting Kit and OS Simulator.

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Cross-OS Development Platform

  • Develop portable applications using one OS interface (OS Abstractor, micro-ITRON, or POSIX) and deploy on multiple target operating systems as your requirements change
  • The code is portable so changes to the underlying hardware and OS will not effect development schedules
  • Add robustness, real-time and safety critical features to your OS
  • Extend the product’s life-cycle by giving it the ability to adapt to the next generation platform without having to re-write the code
  • Visit the product page for more info

OS Changer Porting Kit

  • Easily switch to a more economical and royalty-free OS without spending time and money on manual porting efforts
  • Shorten the learning curve on a new OS by developing with the familiar APIs of the current OS
  • Maximizing the usage of legacy code protects your software investment
  • Visit the product page for more info

OS Simulator

  • Begin development in an Eclipse-based environment on a host machine before the target hardware and/or OS is available to meet your deadlines
  • Simulate your application on a host for easy testing, verification and presentation
  • Simulate a complex system on one host machine, thereby saving money by eliminating the need for using multiple target platforms
  • Visit the product page for more info