Convert Ada to C/C++

In 1987 the U. S. Government mandated the use of the Ada programming language for all Department of Defense projects. The mandate was eventually lifted in 1997. The mandate resulted in hundreds of millions of lines of legacy Ada83 and Ada95 code written for thousands of projects, much of which are still being used in today’s military and commercial avionics systems. Most of these legacy Ada projects were developed from the early 1970s through the early 2000’s. Due to their age, many of these applications are in need of updating to add new functionalities or address issues caused by hardware obsolescence.

One way to protect the software investment is to convert the Ada applications to embedded C or C++ language and combine it with new development written in C/C++. Ada-C/C++ Changer by Mapusoft makes this simple by providing a software tool that achieves this goal. Ada-C/C++ Changer™ converts Ada code to C/C++ code automatically without any need for human intervention.

About Mapusoft’s Ada-C/C++ Changer:
Ada-C/C++ Changer is a component of AppCOE, a robust porting and abstraction solution platform based on the Eclipse framework and GNU tools. Ada-C/C++ Changer converts software written in Ada code to C/C++ which allows Ada applications to be combined with C/C++ applications. The resultant C/C++ software can be integrated with MapuSoft’s Cross-OS development™ Platform and OS Abstractor® to support a wide variety of host and target OS platforms. This conversion process eliminates the need for costly and tedious code rewrites, saving you time and money. It converts 100% of your Ada source into C/C++. Ada-C/C++ Changer includes a fully validated Ada compiler, which supports Ada 83, Ada 95 and much of Ada 2005. The output code is efficient and readable C/C++ that exactly matches the semantics of the original Ada program. The Ada-C/C++ Changer also includes a GNAT Ada compatibility option to allow you to easily convert Ada code developed with GNAT compilers. It also includes a POSIX Ada interface package to assist in transitioning the code that relies on POSIX features.

List of supported target OS’s:

Android®, LynxOS®, LynxOS-SE®, LynxOS-178®, micro-ITRON®, MQX®, NetBSD®, Nucleus®, QNX® Neutrino® RTOS, RT Linux®, Solaris®, ThreadX®, T-Kernel®, UNIX®, VxWorks® 6x/5x, Windows® XP/Vista/7/CE, microC/OS-III®

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